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Medical travel insurance 2018

Looking for medical travel insurance in 2018?

If you are planning a holiday abroad in 2018 you will need to purchase travel insurance before you travel.  But with so many medical travel insurance policies out there, how do you know which travel insurance will be the best for you in 2018?

When comparing travel insurance 2018 it’s important to look beyond the price and check whether the cover provided is suitable for you and the holidays you will be taking in 2018, making sure that the travel insurance you choose includes covering any existing medical conditions that you have.

Here are some points to consider when choosing your travel insurance in 2018:

Medical and Repatriation Cover

The most important part of any travel insurance policy is the cover it provides for the cost of emergency medical treatment abroad and repatriation back to the UK (by air ambulance if necessary).  If you are travelling within Europe you should look for at least £5 million or £10 million if you are going to be travelling to the USA, Canada or Caribbean.

Medical conditions

If you have any existing medical conditions or are taking medication to prevent a condition, such as high blood pressure, you must make sure that it is covered by your travel insurance.
You should declare all of your existing medical conditions to your travel insurer, if you don’t you could find that any claims you make for medical treatment or cancellation due to illness are declined, which could leave you significantly out of pocket. can cover all types of medical condition up to a high level of severity.  It’s quick and easy to declare your conditions when you get a quote online or by phone.

Cancellation Cover

When choosing travel insurance for your 2018 holiday make sure that the amount of cancellation cover included in the policy is enough to cover the cost of your trip.
Another important tip is to buy travel insurance as soon as you’ve booked your holiday, that way any money you have paid out is protected straight away in the event that you need to cancel the trip due to illness, injury or another insured reason. 

Please note, in order to be covered for cancellation due to an existing or recurring medical condition, you must have declared that medical condition to your travel insurance provider.

Type of holiday

Think about the type of holiday you will be taking in 2018 and get the right travel insurance cover. For instance if you are going on a cruise, ski holiday or safari you may need to get specialist travel insurance.

Cruise holiday – Not all travel insurance policies provide cover for cruise holidays, some will ask for an additional premium if you are going on a cruise and some will exclude cruise holidays altogether, so it is important to check. provides cover for cruise holidays on all policies.

Winter sports – If you are going on a skiing or snowboarding holiday in 2018 it is very important that you purchase winter sports cover. This will ensure that you are covered for emergency medical treatment required after an accident on the slopes, including recovery from the piste by helicopter if necessary. can provide winter sports cover to skiers and snowboarders up to age 75.

Check the policy details carefully

The most important thing to remember when choosing travel insurance in 2018 is to answer all questions honestly and accurately when you are getting a quote and to read the policy wording carefully to make sure that it is suitable for your needs. 

Remember, when you buy travel insurance you have a 14 day cooling off period during which time you can cancel the policy, provided you haven’t already travelled or made a claim.  This gives you the time to check the details carefully. are proud to provide travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions.